How do Google Search Ads Pay For Themselves?

Google search ads, when set up correctly, can more than pay for themselves.  Here is a hypothetical but realistic example.

One building trade business gets paid on average £3,500 per job.  So in any given month…

  • £1.5K spent on Google search ads
  • 27K times the ad was shown in relevant searches (people in your area looking to buy your service or product)
  • 763 clicks from interested buyers (~3% click-through rate)
  • 74 enquiries resulting from ad clicks (~10% conversion rate)
  • 26 booked job quotes
  • 8 customers agreed on price and signed a contract

So, 8 * £3,500 = £28K

Of course much depends on your website credibility, how well you showcase your work, and your ability to close warm leads.  But for 25+ warm leads per month that would otherwise go to your competitors, is it a no-brainer to invest £1.5K for your business to make an additional £28K?

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