Online Lead Generation – How Does It Work?

“How do you generate leads online?” is a frequently asked question.  Here’s a real-world example.

A homeowner in Redhill, Surrey is renovating their front garden and wants to have a Victorian tile pathway.  Naturally, they do a Google search for local tile installers.

  • The homeowner searches for “victorian tile installer Surrey Hills”
  • Meanwhile, “XYZ Tilers” (fictitious) in Reigate has set up a Google ad to get shown when someone searches for “victorian tiler Surrey”
  • The homeowner notices the ad for XYZ Tilers at the top of the search results and clicks it
  • The ad click takes the homeowner to the XYZ Tilers website, where their contact details and photos of recent projects are prominently displayed
  • The homeowner, impressed with the high-quality finishes of the recent projects, rings up XYZ Tilers and becomes a warm lead
  • Alternatively, the homeowner exchanges their email address for a free guide on “Top 10 Secrets To Selecting The Best Victorian Tile Installer” and becomes a warm lead


Why is this the best way for your business to get more leads?

  • Your ad is displayed for people actively searching for businesses like yours
  • Your ads can be tuned for “buyer intent” to weed out tyre kickers, researchers, and people looking for free info
  • You are only charged if your ad is clicked (cost per click varies but our clients typically pay in the range of £1 – £5 per click)
  • Your ads can be up and running in just a few hours
  • Your ads can be turned off when your diary is full
  • You can throttle your budget to match your need to fill your diary
  • Your ads can be targeted to display only in the geographic areas where you do business
  • Google ads, when done correctly, more than pay for themselves


Why do you need an online ads expert to help?

  • to get the highest number of quality leads for the least amount of money
  • to avoid losing money on poor advert setup and targeting
  • to pick the best search terms to trigger your ads
  • to write ad copy that encourages clicks and stands out among other competing ads
  • to manage budgets and keep ad campaigns optimised (this is not a set-and-forget endeavour)
  • to track and measure ad performance and prove your ad spend is producing positive results
  • and more


Keen to know more?  Book a quick chat to see if Google search ads are right for your business.