Online Lead Generation – How Does It Work?

“How do you generate leads online?” is a frequently asked question.  Here’s a real-world example. A homeowner in Redhill, Surrey is renovating their front garden and wants to have a Victorian tile pathway.  Naturally, they do a Google search for local tile installers. The homeowner searches for “victorian tile installer

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How do Google Search Ads Pay For Themselves?

Google search ads, when set up correctly, can more than pay for themselves.  Here is a hypothetical but realistic example. One building trade business gets paid on average £3,500 per job.  So in any given month… £1.5K spent on Google search ads 27K times the ad was shown in relevant

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High Performance Website Checklist

Why Does Your Website Need To Perform Better? Your website is your shop window to the world.  The design and layout of your website is important because it is likely the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. The impression your website makes on them can either

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