Local Search

Get more local business with a better Google Maps listing, and get found by people searching for your service "near me"

Nearly 50% of Google searches are requests for local information, which is why you should not overlook local search when investing in your business. Claiming and making the most out of your Google My Business (GMB) listing is a quick and affordable way to get more visitors for people searching in your local area.

Get found on Google Maps

Local search engine optimisation involves tools and techniques of raising your search results in Google Maps, and in Google Search for searches on products and services “near me” or “in <my city / post code / area>”.  Usually these customers are in the “ready to buy” stages of purchase decision making, and are looking for options convenient to their home or physical location from where they are searching.

Not all Google My Business listings are treated equally

Did you know that Google is very picky about the businesses it sends to the top of each search result?  Google’s ranking methods factor in things like completeness of your Google Maps listing, the quality of your social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., the consistency of your business information across your website and social accounts – business name, phone number, opening hours, etc.

We can help you to climb the local listings for people searching in your area for your products or services.

  • Audit and advise on your current Google My Business (Google Maps) entry, website, and social media accounts
  • Optimise your GMB listing by ensuring all information is complete and correct
  • Scanning local business directories to ensure your business is listed with your correct details