Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO helps your customers find you before they find your competitors.

Having an attractive website is only part of the online battle against your competitors. Another key component is making sure that searchers looking for your services are finding your website before finding your competitors.  

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of helping your website to rank as high as possible in search engine results for searchers looking for your products or services. 

Why do I need search engine optimisation?

When your potential buyers search for your product or service in popular search engines like Google, is your business at or near the top of the results?  Or are your competitors beating you to the punch?

SEO helps to increase your visibility online in search results.  The more potential buyers who see your site near the top of the search results, and the more clicks through to your website, the better your ability to establish your brand and generate more leads and sales.

How does SEO work?

SEO involves several ordered stages that each play a separate but vital role in convincing search engines to show your results ahead of your competitors.

Search engines employ “bots”, or automated computerised agents, to regularly scan your pages and try to make sense of the words and images on each page, and decide how relevant your content is to your product or service.  Our SEO services help to get your sites and pages ranked ahead of your competition.

Page Structure Optimisation

Search engine bots must be able to make sense of your website. They need to be able to read your website and understand the key concepts in order to link your site and pages to your desired search terms.  Various technical aspects of your website including the speed at which your site loads and how it appears on mobile browsers can affect your website’s ability to rank higher than your competition. 

We can quickly tell if your site pages are optimised, and take action to fix.  This is often the low-hanging fruit that can result in your pages moving up the ranks quickly.

Page Content Optimisation

Search engine bots have gotten quite good at understanding how relevant your site content is to a searcher’s interests and intent.  If a search engine doesn’t recognise your website’s relevance to queries from searchers, it won’t display in the top results. 

We analyse and optimise your existing content, ensuring that all key pages have a clear purpose and relevance with respect to your products and services.  We can also create new content that attracts the attention of searchers looking for your business.

Authority Building

Search engine bots not only examine your website and pages, but also take into account the number of external sites linking to your site and pages.  Pages with higher “domain authority” get displayed higher in search results. Domain authority refers to the number and the quality of websites that link to your page.
We help to identify high-authority websites for your industry – directories, bloggers, and trusted information sources – and encourage their owners and content creators that your site is worthy of a link from their site, an endorsement from an industry authority.   

Can we guarantee search results?

Simply, no.  Search engines like Google keep their ranking methods secret and are frequently changing them.  We have as much control over search engine rankings as a weather forecaster has over sun, wind, and rain.

However, like the weather forecaster, we have skills and tools to add a certain amount of predictability over how your site can rank. This allows us to provide some amount of certainty that we can improve your rankings from your current results.