Website Maintenance

Protect your investment with an ongoing care package tailored to your needs.

Your website is a value and important asset for your business. Just as you would invest in protection of any other mission critical business tools such as vehicles, machinery, and premises, providing ongoing protection for your website should be a no-brainer.

Why do you need ongoing care for your website?

A good web designer will leave you with a robust site at the end of any development project. But the internet is a constantly changing landscape. New threats emerge frequently that can allow your previously secure site to be vulnerable to attack. And advancements in technology can cause previously working features such as contact forms and maps to break.

If you have ever had an unexpected plumbing or electrical fault, you know that emergency service comes at a steep cost.  Emergency web services are no different, and arguably harder to find reliable help.  How will you know that the person demanding a high up-front payment can actually recover your site from being hacked, or rescue critical services?

Don’t wait until your website is hacked or broken

Get more value for your spend with an affordable monthly care package to keep your website humming along.  We can help to safeguard your site from hackers, keep your site components fail-safe through regular updates, and even help with minor changes.

All plans come with our “Hack-free Guarantee”; we promise that your site will never be hacked, provided you follow our site security guidelines.  If it is, we will restore it as a priority for free… guaranteed!


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From £ 99 Monthly
  • Basic Hosting
  • Software Updates
    (WordPress, Plug-ins, Theme)
  • Security Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
    (files and database)
  • Email Support
  • Hack-free Guarentee*


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From £ 299 Monthly
  • All Basic Features
  • High Performance Hosting
  • Basic Analytics Reporting
  • Uptime Monitoring and Alerts
  • On-Demand Backups
  • Priority Email Support
  • Content Changes
    1 hour / month
  • Content Management Training
  • Hack-free Guarentee*
Best Value


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From £ 599 Monthly
  • All Basic Features
  • All Premium Features
  • Priority Phone Support
  • Unlimited Content Changes
  • Advanced Analytics Reporting
  • Super-fast Site Caching
  • Competition Performance Monitoring
  • Strategy Consulting
    2 hours / month
  • Hack-free Guarentee*
  • Unlimited Emergency Support
    24/7/365 by phone or Skype

* Hack-free Guarantee – we’ll restore your compromised site for free provided you use our security plug-ins